So here we go….. Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 1🤩

History was made today for mules and British Dressage and wow was it a good one!
I must add that despite our individual win, our team came a fantastic 2nd place Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 3

I (Christie), fully admit that the pressure was firmly there, we’d come this far and although I trust Wallace 100%, would I remember to breathe Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 5

But those big ears flop to the side and he’s in work mode, legend!
I must admit he did everything I asked of him and watching the video back I was thrilled, he rode beautifully!

I think the BBC caught the tears and cheers when the results were announced Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 7

I cannot thank EVERYONE enough for the huge amounts of support for Wallace, knowing that he has a chance in life makes it even more heartwarming Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 9❤️

Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 11

BBC Points West will be broadcasting a small clip this evening at 6.50pm, but the full cover will be tomorrow at 6.30pm.
As for the national papers & Sky News, well we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in the print tomorrow Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 7
I do have the video and will post it soon Wallace The Great - Dressage Mule 15

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